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• 7/15/2017

Who are your Most Favorite, and Least Favorite Characters

Hello everyone. To anyone who watches House Husbands. I want to ask you who on the show is your favorite character and who is the one you hate the most.

Starting with me, Favorite Character; Justin Baynie Now part of this is due to some nostalgia, since I used to watch his actor during his role in Power Rangers: Mystic Force, but I also like his struggling underdog arc. The show does a good job pointing out how decent of a man he is fundamentally, while making him flawed. I always feel sorry for the guy when he's in an episode that's just about him getting chewed out. There is always some scene where he is either making a mistake or just doing something that seems good on paper, but ends up biting him in the butt in some way. This is why I am hesitant to accept his status as the "screw Up" other characters call him.

He is just a guy who is trying to raise his kids and he is another human being like the rest of the characters. Whatever rash actions he seems to do always seem to be reactions that are understandable, such as when he stopped a runaway bus. From my perspective, his main issue is that he has to deal with overcritical, and judgemental, Knuckleheads. This brings me to my-

Hated Character: Nicola Pana/Baynie

I may be a bit unfair, but I hated this woman the moment they introduced her in episode 2, and if you saw that episode you can guess what I am talking about.

I understand that when Justin was a football star, he was apparently neglectful, wild and partied too much. He got caught with some woman and the scandal pushed her away. She had every right to be mad, but she was the typical bitter ex-wife. She kept his kids from him any chance she got, she was antagonistic in some measure whenever they saw each other and she always went on about how his flaws made him undeserving to be around his kids, despite all the evidence that says the contrary. It even turned out that cheating scandal was orchestrated by the snake she dumped him for

She acted like it was the first time she saw what problems he had before she married him, which made no sense. He was a celebrity with a reputation as a wild guy. If she didnt want that kind of husband, she should have settled for fair visitation and child support.

I may not be a marriage counselor, but if she chose to marry him, it meant she was willing to deal with whatever dysfunction comes up, with divorce being the absolute last resort. Not use it as an excuse to to cheat the vows you made. Justin leaving her alone for one too many nights and a temporary scandal didn't really warrant the actions she took, which would have left lasting consequences. She had a child with another man, nearly tore her family apart, alienated her kids from their father and nearly left him in a situation that could have led to suicide, and it is possible given his character when he's faced with failure/loss.

I wish that the show used flashbacks so we could get more detail with their marriage. HOW bad was it and did either of them try to make things work before they ultimately split.

Even with the implications peppered in, I feel more favor with Justin than her because HE is the one who: -Sold his house, -Gave up a chance to revive his footy career, -Gave up the chance to expose the backstabbing, manipulative, jerk she was dating for her own sake, -And endured her stubborn resentment, and verbal abuse.

All she did through the season was cling to her grudges, ignored all the good he made, flaunted the fact that she was dating the aforementioned jerk, who was Justin's manager/father figure, while kicking dirt in his face. All while acting like she was some victim in an abusive relationship

With all this said, I was shocked when the writers of this show decided to have her suddenly fall back in love with Justin, have Justin break up with the more well rounded girl, and restart their relationship. It's possible that they only did this so Justin would get custody of the kids, but It's also possible that they realized they messed up story wise, and decided to kill her off as a quick fix, something that I am glad they did. My only regret is that they didn't give the ex manager any comeuppance.

But this is all my opinion. If you have a favorite and a hated character, feel free to list them.
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• 12/1/2016
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